Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Diesel Project/ Captured through Dragon/ Edited through Final Cut Pro
This is the final video clip I've done as an illustrated response to the band Magnetic Man on their song song "Getting Nowhere".  Since this is a dub step  band that uses a variety of sounds mixed with a touch of  electronic style, I wanted to create the feeling of strong beat and sequence within their music. Shapes, Colours and Light are the three elements which I tried to manipulate in this video in order to represent rhythm, bass and the drums of the song.
My hope is to actually put this video indoors, in a place where there's loud music and dark lighting, and see how people respond to it.

These are three of the samples I've made for the members of the band "Magnetic Man". I tried to give each member a touch of their own personal style, inspired by the electronic style of music and the role that each one of them has in the band.

I've tried to portray both band members and style of music using different ways.

Some of the sound waves samples I found quite interesting for this project. I'm trying to portray the sonic wave sounds of a song using colour and shapes combined in a moving image.

I've experimented with stop motion to make small videos of the band members as well as sound waves. I've tried to capture the movement of different sounds within the band. 

These are two of the ink and water stop motion experiments I've done to visualise sound waves. I wanted to capture the flowing movement of the ink when it's combined with water and later use it as a contrast to the bass line of bands music.
I've tried to capture the sounds of a particular song of Magnetic Man called "Getting Nowhere" ft John Legend.

I've experimented with pins and light change to represent the drum line of the song "Getting Nowhere". The reflection of light on the smooth material of the pins makes a rough contrast of light and darkness, which almost looks as if the sounds waves of the song are synchronised with the movement of the light.
I've also experimented with water colour and some facial movements to play a bit with the sound of the song and see how it works.

This is the most recent stop motion video clip I've done for this project. It's a representation of the song "Getting Nowhere" by Magnetic Man.

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