Saturday, 6 April 2013

Audio in Image / Image in Audio

Taking from my last post on illustrating Audio Files and based on Staganography, I decided to put sounds inside images; How do I do that?

When opening an image file in the computer you get multiple codes and numbers, these are the electronic digits that form the picture. The same way you open an image file, you can open an audio file as well. Once you collected the digits of both files, you can insert one inside the other and have a combination of audio and image in one file.

This process can be done on MatLab and thanks to the help of an imaging science tutor at the university of Westminster, I have some live examples to show you!

Example 1:


and this...

Makes this

Example 2: 


And this...

Makes this

Example 3

THIS                                      Multiplied                                                WITH THIS


Makes This...

Example 4

 THIS                                           Multiplied                                              WITH THIS


Makes This...

Example 4

THIS                                           Multiplied                                   WITH THIS


Makes This...

Example 4 

      And finally   THIS              mixed with      THIS


Makes THIS

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