Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Light Show / Hayward Gallery

I don't really like updating my blog with travelling / exhibition posts, but this is one I'd like to share!

The Light Show at Hayward gallery London

One of the best exhibitions I've been to so far. Maybe it's the nature of the artworks, (the fact that I've never been to a light show before) or maybe the impact of almost all of the 23 art exhibits... either way I got goosebumps after leaving the show.

Sound, light, movement and space, all combined in such way as to introduce the viewer to something extraordinary and beautiful. I found myself strangely attracted to a psychedelic form of expression that was even hard to leave the room...

Don't want to say much, this is a show worth visiting.

My fav pieces?

Antony McCall's 'You and I, Horizontal' / Conrad Shawcross's 'Slow Arc inside a Cube IV' / Olafur Eliasson's 'Model for a timeless garden'. 

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