Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Broad Vision: Inspired by Images From Science

Broad Vision is a collaborative Science and Art project, organised by artist Heather Barnett and taking place at the University of Westminster http://www.broad-vision.info/

I've taken part in the 2nd Broadvision Project 2012, following the first one in 2011, got involved with different art and science disciplines of the uni, collaborative activities and contributed to the Exhibition, which took place at the LONDON GALLERY WEST from 22 May - 17 June 2012.

Looking at some of the photos under the microscope at the session we had at the Cavendish campus, I couldn’t help noticing the colourful patterns created by the pixels of the magnified printing ink. The combination of several yellow, cyan, magenta and black colour dots reminded me of abstract impressionism.

Pixels through a microscope

I thought I could recreate some of those patterns by using photos from the Broad Vision Team. The photos show certain activities that we made throughout the Broad Vision Project 2012, capturing certain moments of people having conversations, brainstorming, being curious etc. The environment of such photos gives me the opportunity to have a setting in which I can develop my project.

For my final work I created 5 images showing collaborative activities during the project. The 5 images are photographs taken by the Broadvision team, which I observed under the microscope. I printed the photos and took photos of the pixels of the printing ink as shown under the microscope. I then reinvented the photographs by placing the correct colour pixels in the corresponding places.  The result is 5 colourful and playful images.

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