Monday, 31 January 2011

"Innovative Visual Interpretation of Musical Pieces"/ Illustration Studio Practise [2nd Sem]

Coldplay Put On A Puppet Show For “Technicolor” Video

I think its a brilliant idea to promote artists and to create something entirely new and innovative by making little puppets that represent the band. You create a closer relationship with your fans and meanwhile promote gigs, events, clothing's, songs etc. In my opinion it's just a fun, amusing way of looking at how these little puppets move and perform on stage and at the same time get informed about the band.

My first idea of this new project I'm doing about "interpreting visually" a number of songs of a chosen band, was to actually create my own puppet version of the band that would perform  while the song is played. 

Their cover "A rush of blood to the head" has inspiring illustrations that I could easily visualise as a moving motion image.

I love the idea of combining Text and Image. This is one of the new Grammy promotional illustrations, which is made up of titles of songs that inspired the band. Since I wanted to create something related to a specific song, I thought about words of the song appeared on the screen while the song is being played; the words would gradually create the facial characteristics of the bands members. Each word would be more or less highlighted according to the peach or the emphasis of the song.

With that technique I could not only create faces, but surrounding and instruments as well; I could apply movement, light, speed, or even create an entirely new story line based on text.

This reminds me of a videoclip about a storyline I found on youtube. Check it out.


This illustrator caught my eye for his pen and ink technique. He manages to make portraits of celebrities in a unique style that reveals more personal characteristics of that character. I've considered this technique for the visual representation of the band I'm doing. Further more I could apply some movement and animation to the drawing.
Here's Graham's link

Some other editorial illustrations that I found interesting as moving images for the song.

* Some of James Fish's work that I find quite interesting and challenging:

* A truly amazing young illustrator who's work impresses me in both technical and conceptual scale. Eugene Plotnikov.

* Another great illustrator, William Emmert, who's work I find unusually interresting

An inspiring work, done by a freelancer artist called Christopher Wright for the cover of Foals album "Antidotes".

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